We develop IT healthcare systems of any complexity

One of the important challenges of the current healthcare structure is to improve the quality of medical services. One way to achieve this, is to ensure better accessibility to the information in this structure.


All countries have similar goals to achieve:

  • The transfer of traditional paper-based documents into digital forms;

  • Responding to patient expectations by making more information readily available;

  • Reducing medical errors and improving the effectiveness of the treatment;

  • Making healthcare a priority in the political programs and social policies;

  • Improving work efficiency and quality of research and analysis,  and ensuring a better planning;

  • Improving the financial performance of medical organisations.


It became impossible to achieve these goals with the classic "monolithic" systems.


MedlineSoft develops integrative technological solutions that unify processes, information and systems into a single information environment.


Medical staff, data entry operators, heads of medical organisations and employees of health departments are the main users of our solutions.

Get expert judgment on choosing the right solution to automate your business issue

Synergy in work with the customer and openness to create new services that have no analogues in the market.

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