MEDTERA Home doctor

Comprehensive automation of home care services
MEDTERA Home Doctor uses tablets to allow you to automate the processes of organizing home care and increase their effectiveness.


Your client chooses the necessary doctor (diagnostics, analysis or support services) through the mobile application and receives affordable medical assistance.

What organizations use the Doctor to Home service?

  • Clinics that provide home care to their patients, including through the LCA program

  • Specialized home help services

  • Insurance companies

Integration with the IIA, telemedicine system, laboratory and pharmacy to provide the patient with a full range of services.

The introduction of digital services allows you to move away from paperwork, unloads call-centers and reduces the cost of their maintenance.

Solution structure


Mobile workplace of the doctor

Operator сomputer workstation

Manager’s workstation

Admin’s Console

Client mobile application on call to the doctor at home

Personal account


All on call changes are displayed online in the operator's web application, which can offer additional medical services to the patient.

Main features

  • Registration of requests.

  • Selection and appointment of a doctor, taking into account geolocation.

  • Scheduling.

  • Payment and payments control.

  • Inspection and appointment protocols.

  • Operators control.

  • Control of home doctors’ workload.

  • Reporting.


Benefits for business

  • Reception and distribution of home calls in remote mode

  • Reducing the complexity of the staff in the electronic exchange of data, filling primary documentation and reporting

  • Increase responsiveness, quality and control of home visits

  • Optimization of the doctor’s workload and creation of opportunities for an intensive increase in the volume of home help services

  • Preparation of management reporting (key performance indicators, travel time, patient's waiting for the doctor and other necessary data)

  • Preparation of operational reporting (list of calls, personal reports on specialists) and daily summaries for management

Platform features

The distinctive features of the platform include its interaction with the medical information system used in the clinic in terms of maintaining a schedule, identifying patients, maintaining a patient's medical record and includes a payment system for the services.

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